Guild Rules/Regulations and Requirements

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Guild Rules/Regulations and Requirements Empty Guild Rules/Regulations and Requirements

Post by JuanHunglow on Sun Feb 05, 2012 1:02 pm

MiuMiu Recruitment is now Open for All Levels/Classes. Please review the Rules & Regulations below!

Thank you,
MiuMiu Administration

1st Rule:

  • DO NOT PK BloodMoon, Irregardless if they're wicked or not. Cavs Fate or Growing Up are Acceptable.

2nd Rule:

  • Be Active.
  • Do your Guild Daily Quests.
  • Participate in Dungeons whether Guild Hero's or Just Normal Dungeons.
  • Help a Guildy if they have questions, or need help with anything they can't do themselves.
  • Please note that there is now a guild rule which requires you to Contribute 300-500 each week in guild contribution

3rd Rule:
  • Have fun, and enjoy yourself in MiuMiu!!

When you have Finished reading the Rules & Regulations, Please Register for an account using your In Game Name (IGN). You will be sent an activation link to your email you registered with, Please click on that link to activate your account with the Forums. Then post your application in the "Recruitment" Thread.

Thank you,
MiuMiu Administration

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Guild Rules/Regulations and Requirements Zm-fin11
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